3 Most Common Factors that Cause Hair Damage

Hair damage refers to the worst condition of the hair making it look ugly and unhealthy. Many people in Norwich and even all over the world never know whether their hair is damaged already unless they visit Norwich hairdressers and professionals tell them.

Hair damage is the worst thing that could happen to one’s hair because it causes embarrassment as well as inconvenience. However, one can prevent this condition by knowing some of the factors that cause it.

Poor Hair Hygiene

Being too busy can make people in Norwich ignore their hair hygiene and forget even to brush their hair, especially if they are in a hurry. Shampooing their hair may also come in a rush that rinsing is not done well. In other words, there is no proper cleaning and care for the hair and this will cause problems like dandruff until such time, the problem will get worse and cause damage.

Too Much Sun Exposure

Most people in Norwich love to bask in the sun during summer. This is not a bad thing, however, too much frequent exposure to the sun can actually damage the hair. If skin can burn, hair can burn too. You can’t feel the sting like in skin burns but you can feel and see its effects on your hair through hair damage.

Chemical Treatments

Getting into salon treatments can improve the look of one’s hair but it can also cause damage in time because of the harsh chemicals used with these treatments. They can make hair dry in time and be dependent on these treatments in order to look better. Therefore, it is a must to avoid these treatments if your hair is still naturally healthy.

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